Vintage 4.8 mm Gold Bead Choker

Vintage 4.8 mm Gold Bead Choker

SKU: L736
​Vintage 4.8 mm 14k gold bead necklace.  Hidden barrel clasp gives necklace continuous look.  It measures 16.75" and was lengthened at some point in its history of ownership.  The seven additional beads used to lengthen the necklace surround the clasp and are 4.25 mm.  They are also 14k but the color is slightly different than the original bead set.  These differences are barely perceptible unless you are carefully inspecting the necklace.

Length of necklace 16.75" (42.44 cm)

Total weight of necklace 0.527 Oz (14.91 g)

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